This first production version of Away Builder is now available! This is the first release of many so if you experience any issues with operation then please log them with our GitHub Issues Tracker. Feature requests are also welcome!


You can grab a download of the AIR binary in one the following ways:

Live Tool

If you’re the impatient type, you can simple click the live tool link in the right-hand nav which takes you to an in-browser version of the current release for you to play with. This version will have several unavoidable disadvantages to the desktop version, namely:

  • There is no safety prompt to save your work if you accidentally close the window
  • Files import one at a time, and there is no facility for local dependencies to be automatically loaded
  • There is no option to save a file with external textures
  • Mousewheel interaction will be disabled on some browsers (we are looking at fixing this soon)


Away Builder 1.0

As a first example for those of you keen on getting stuck in, we thought we’d give you something familiar. The Crytek Sponza model featured back in the Away3D 4.1 Alpha release looked fantastic in Multi-pass material glory, but anyone looking at the code could see all that loveliness came at a fairly high coding preparation cost.

The demo above is fairly easily launched once you have Away Builder running. Simply download the file here. and double click to open in Away Builder. You can also try it in an Away3D project of your own by loading the usual way - this file comes complete with all textures and lighting conditions from the original, but you can of course edit them in the tool to whatever you feel like.

Further Reading

A new About page has been created going into more detail about the thinking behind Away Builder. Feedback is welcome in the comments below, or you can write your thoughts in the new Away Builder Forum available on the Away3D site.

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